What if I love you

What if I love you

How feels the touch of your lips?
I am not sure to remember,
How does it feel to love you?
I think I’ve never known,

What if the taste of your open kisses had changed,
Or actually never was what I thought?
What if every past joys and sunbeams,
Were nothing but faraway dreams?
What if the scent of your skin,
Didn’t penetrate mine,
Imiscible like oil and water,

What if the words that were mine,
Left me alone in your presence,
Confined in a corner of my mind,
Where dwells the fear of your essence,

Could I ever stand against an army of roses?
With no blood to leave,
And no heart to give,

What if I love you?
How could I live parted from you?
What if I drown in the wild ocean,
Without a last kiss of yours,
Do you think our spirits will meet again?

So many questions I have,
And one answer comes to me,
Spinning in whirles of lights,
Thousand miles upon the sea,
My lot lies in devotion of our love…

© Levitation Free

Photo : GUY LEWY