The future and the past

The Future And The Past

One said a day,
There is no future but there is a past,
That no man can ever fathom,
It is forged into the floating scraps,
Of a boat that once sailed the horizon,
Drifting from one earth to another,
And stacked in piles to feed the man,
Burned in dust every blooming summer,
On a desert like beach’s sand,

One said a day,
There is no futur in our endeavors,
Nothing remains, all things must pass,
Which future should we live for,
If every new second leaves one to the past,

Watch through the window,
Not through the mirror,
Don’t follow the widow,
She lost track of fire,
But if you wish to ask her,
What love to aspire,
She will tell you no doubt,
Not the one that perspire,

One said a day,
Don’t ever look through the lock,
It will take you to a place and time,
Where today is tomorrow,
And tomorrow was yesterday,

But if one day you get to pass the door,
With the golden key you found beneath old books,
On your parents library’s floor,
Don’t forget to bring your teddy bear,
For there is no way back,
Once the door is locked,
The key has turned to black,
Leaving you to a dark lot,

And now you’ve left behind all traces of naive joy,
And all you wish for is the touch of your old favorite toy,
To keep you company in this endless night,
To remind you the reminiscence of a past light.

© Levitation Free