I have a rendez vous with you at a secret place,
I wear for you my jacket the most elegant,
My sole and best fragrance and tied my hair the way you like it the best, with a poney tail…
I decided to bring with me my favorite poetry book,
The one I know will get you within a second.

It is 9pm and I enter this mysterious place,
Where I know the most beautiful creature on earth is having a whisky cocktail,
Bouncing her feet to the sound of a 1920s gramophone,
But to get to you I must pass three doors,
The first takes me into a cosy pizzeria,
The second leads me to a frozen room,
And the last one eventually introduces me to you…
Alone, seated at the bar,
You are looking around,
As if you were lost,
Sipping an old cristal glass,
Dressed in the most sexy gown I’ve ever seen,
You look wonderful;
Now my legs start quivering,
But I have to do it,
So I take a seat beside you,
You don’t seem surprise and barely look at me,
So I order the best vodka cocktail,
And pull from my bag,
My poetry book…
I take a couple sips and a big breath,
Open the page 57,
And start reading aloud,
Slowly, I feel a wave of warmth filling my body,
A presence is now coming closer,
And as I end up reading the last stanza,
I hear the most delicate and subtil voice penetrating my head,
You place your cold hand upon my shaking one,
And ask me with the mildest tone,
« Those are the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard »
« Are they from you »
On what I gently reply :
« No it isn’t, my words for you are waiting somewhere else »
On what I seize your hand,
Pass the three doors out,
And take you to my secret place…