Embrace your lonely moments

Embrace your lonely moments,
Take your time to think,
It is a hard process sometimes,
But it’s necessary if you want to move forward,
Travel by oneself is not always easy,
But it gives you the opportunity to discover new people, new ways of thinking,
Because not being with your fellows,
Always takes you to unknown horizons..

Take that opportunity to open your heart, your mind,
Listen people’s point of view, give yours but never insist,
Why would you want to be true? Who ever said truth exists anyway?
Then take your time to process everything, and move on… There is a lot out there,
Millions of cultures and as many of beliefs,
Have you not ever thought that,
Growing In a certain society only gives you a certain way of thinking,
So why not expand it?
Why not try to get to know who you really are?
To which sound, your soul was meant to grow along with?
But is it the purpose?
Isn’t happiness the grail Humans seek?
I used to cradle that line from one of my favorite movies : “happiness only real when shared”, But are we talking about instant ple or lifetime happiness?
Embrace others happiness,
Even if it’s sometimes up to your “instant” happiness,
It will come back to you in a way.. But don’t expect the same people to give it back to you,
Because expectation always leads to disappointment.
Now for your own expectations, its all up to you…

But as someone always told me,
“Go big or go home, Regrets never leave you alone.”
I took this picture during one of my lonely moments,
Enjoying Kyoto’s peaceful river with these four birds.
I quickly felt love flowing in the air, so I kept quiet, looking at the view… I decided to leave them to more intimacy.. I headed downtown to a cute little hidden bar.
As I sat at the bar, I noticed a woman I already saw in this exact same place, now sipping a cocktail. I think she was feeling kind of lonely too so we quickly Bonded.
We started to chat, she was a French Caledonia living in Kyoto.
I said how is it living here?
She said boring… I said ok.. So why don’t you show me the unknown Kyoto?
And off we went, to places I would have never found otherwise.

© Levitation Free