One can always find reasons to express hatred

One can always find reasons to feel sad, to express pain, hatred, envy, to have expectations but I’ll tell you what, Expectation is the highway to Deception. Never expect anything from anyone no matter what you’ve done for them and I promise you’ll never be disappointed. Things always come back in a way, maybe not from the same person but it WILL.

The other day a friend of mine told me he felt really sad because he had had a big argue with his best friend, and things that had been kept hidden for years arose in a blast of reproaches. One of the reasons was that he had introduced to him his future wife and future boss years ago but had never been thanked. I completely agree that one should always be thankful for anything the universe brings to us but why do we need recognition or approval ?

This only gracely feeds our Ego, you don’t want to do that ❤️

© Levitation Free

Picture taken in Tokyo 2017